Big Sky Country’s debut album is finally available on vinyl


Big Sky Country is an alternative rock band, centered around singer, songwriter and producer Philip Skovgaard.

Working in the classic rock lineup – which since its inception has expanded with a wide variety of instruments. Formed in Esbjerg in 2009 by four friends, it wouldn’t take long before the band had a rebirth and a doubling in the number of members.

Formed as a traditional rock outfit, with a penchant for 70’s and Southern-rock ala Creedence Clearwater Revival, it wouldn’t take long before front man Philip Skovgaard radically changed course.

After two years of intense work with the debut album «The Handshake» new methods were needed and Big Sky Country underwent a transformation as well as a doubling in expression and size.

Their follow-up album «Movements» was written, recorded and released in December 2015 – just under 11 months after the release of «The Handshake».

Big Sky Country is currently working on their third LP.