Big Sky Country is an alternative rock band working in the classic rock lineup – which since its inception has expanded with a wide variety of instruments. Formed in Esbjerg in 2009 by four friends, it wouldn’t take long before the band had a rebirth and a doubling in the number of members.

Formed as a traditional rock outfit, with a penchant for 70’s and Southern-rock ala Creedence Clearwater Revival, it wouldn’t take long before front man Philip Skovgaard radically changed course. After two years of intense work with the debut album »The Handshake« new methods were needed and Big Sky Country underwent a transformation as well as a doubling in expression and size. Big Sky Country facilitates the grandiose rock, reminiscent of the Danish band Cody and the American band The National – but still holding their own.

A bright future was ahead for Big Sky Country in the spring of 2012 and something big was in the cards; the band had just begun a collaboration with Tobias Kippenberger (The Floor is Made of Lava) and Sebastian Wolff (Kellermensch) – two giants on the Danish music scene. But Big Sky Country was too young and fleeting to stay focused and when a year had passed, with almost no results, their joint collaboration ended.

As a consequence of this disappointment, Big Sky Country packed the car and took the classic band trip to a faraway cottage to collect their thoughts and to record their first full-length album. However, it would take two years before »The Handshake« was completed and released. This slow and tedious workflow opened the eyes of singer and songwriter Philip Skovgaard:

»I sat for days on end in front of the monitor and tried to flesh out my thoughts into lyrics. I didn’t want to throw in the towel, because I wanted to be happy with my work once I got out on the other side. It was a kind of catch-22, because the more I tried to be in the spirit and stay focused, the further away I came from that same spirit. I had to find another method that could go inside and reach what I really wanted to express.«

It would take only seven months before Big Sky Country was ready with new material. After the release of »The Handshake« in March 2014 the band was already ready with their EP »Medicine Man« in September of that same year, which was also a preview of the reborn Big Sky Country:

»Through my years as a musician in my hometown I had built a good and solid network, but it had never occurred to me to invite any of them into the studio. As the original band members left our hometown one by one, I was left with my demos and our band name. I have always felt that a bands energy is best put to use in a practice room where you can stay focused and build on things together, but when you suddenly have no band – what do you do? »Medicine Man« was a breakthrough for me as a musician and as a producer, because it showed me that my music could be personal without having a permanent core of members.«

Now, a few months after »Medicine Man« can celebrate its one-year anniversary, Big Sky Country is ready with their full-length sequel »Movements«. It has been an active 18 months for the band, but they are finally comfortable and ready to face the outside world, and not least, each other:

»The title of the album says it better than I ever could,« says Philip Skovgaard. »We have been through a transformation and now we have come out the other side with 45 minutes of music, which we are very proud of. Here’s how I’ve always heard Big Sky Country in my head, and now it has finally come to life! We look forward to release »Movements« and for our upcoming live shows.«

»Movements« was released the 24th of December 2015 on 180g Tricolor Vinyl.
The release was celebrated with a small tour, visiting the independent record stores around Denmark.

Photography by Peter Langwithz Smith